How To Choose Window Coverings for Your Houston Home

There are so many choices for window coverings for your home that it makes the process of choosing seem impossible and quite challenging. What window covering is right for my home? What about my view?…my privacy? It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Below are some some things you should consider when choosing Houston window coverings.

The View In and Out Of Your Window

Window coverings such as shades and drapes typically need to be either open or closed. This doesn’t allow you the flexibility of viewing the Texas landscape outside your windows while the window treatments are closed. Shutters and Blinds allow louver control giving you a full open view, a partial view or complete closure. For clear and unobstructed views, Houston shutters are available in larger louver sizes and with hidden tilters.

The Energy Efficiency of Your Window Treatments

When it comes to reducing heat and noise coming into your home, energy efficiency becomes an important factor. Many window coverings not only provide insulation, which saves money on your energy bill, but also serve as a sound barrier from the outside world. Choosing the proper window treatments will save you a considerable amount of money by allowing your home to stay cooler in the summer. Shutters are the best insulating window coverings you can buy today with the highest R values of all window coverings.

Window Covering Color Choices

The color you choose for your Houston Window Treatment is an important design element. The light coming into your living space speaks in clear tones, making whites very popular. Lighter colors provide a sense of calm and create the feeling of height in a room. Varying tones of white-on-white are popular for today’s approach to decorating as they allow for focus on other room elements such as furniture or a painting. In some cases, however, you may want a rich stain wood tone to add a strong punch to a room.

The Quality of Construction

The saying “You get what you pay for”, holds very true when it comes to the durability and construction of a window covering. Look at the materials used, the quality of components, and it will quickly be clear whether a window covering will operate well in your windows over time.

Window Covering Warranty

Always make sure the operation and finish of a window covering product are handled in the warranty. Take into account how long the finish is expected to last. Many fabric-based or wood based products may fade quickly, even without direct sun, so check for color-fastness in the warranty. Our Texas made Plantation Shutters come with a lifetime warranty on the finish.

Cost of Window Coverings

Finally, you will need to pick a product that is priced within your budget. At Signature Shutters of Houston, we provide a wide variety of choices to suit your budget combining the absolute best prices and quality in each one of our shutter and shade product categories. Give us a call at (832) 404-2400 today for a free estimate.

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