Plantation Shutters – Sugar Land, Texas

Plantation Shutters, Sugar Land, TexasOften associated with southern mansions, plantation shutters can provide both an elegant and functional way to add privacy and control light and airflow in your Sugar Land home.

Signature Shutters offers premium hardwood shutters that can be painted or stained to either contrast or perfectly compliment your interior design and personal taste. Our premium poly shutters can also be painted to any color as well. The standard shutter is comprised of rows of horizontal slats, or louvers, with a single vertical bar that runs through the center. You can change the position of the louvers by simply moving this bar up or down to open or close the shutters. They are available in different styles and louver sizes depending upon your needs.

Plantation shutters can be custom fit for any size window and are low maintenance – simply dust and wipe away fingerprints. They are energy efficient, helping to insulate your home by reducing the amount of cool or heated air leaking into your room. You can also adjust the slats to block direct sunlight and cool your home on a hot summer day or allow more sunlight in during the winter months.

Our Sugar Land plantation shutters are a timeless and classic window covering solution.

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