Retractable Awnings – Houston, TX

Our retractable patio awnings provide shade with the touch of a button. You’ll spend more time outdoors and get more use of your patio!

The awnings years ago were never exactly a fashionable accessory for your home. So we started looking at the newest offerings in quality awning materials and designs to offer our customers. The goal was to find something that keeps you cool and looks cool at the same time.

Our solution was to make the awning disappear and blend into the house like a fine architectural detail or accent. Our sleek and modern retractable awning systems are unseen when they are not needed and with our many fabric choices are beautiful when they are seen.

When it’s extended, it keeps you cool. When it’s retracted, it vanishes. Now you see it — now you don’t! Our awnings are designed to keep you and your patio cool and custom built to fit your home.


Benefits of our Houston Retractable Awnings:

  • be cool – make shade at the touch of a button
  • create new space – expand your useable space outside the walls of your home
  • block the sun – protect your skin & furnishings from the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • save money – reduce your energy costs – and your electric bill
  • out of sight – disappears on command
  • born in the USA – American manufactured in the Pacific Northwest
  • rust free – aluminum and stainless steel construction


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