Motorized Patio/Porch Shade Options

Retractable Screen Frame Colors

Our Retractable Screen & Cable Screen Systems are available in 11 standard frame colors:

Black, Bright White, White, Gray, Desert Sand, Tan, Brown, Bronze, Navajo, Silver and Green.

Custom colors are available to allow you to match your specific color scheme and we can match any provided sample. (For An Additional Cost)

Every screen is built to order and powder coated in-house. The result is a beautiful, appliance-like finish that requires little maintenance.

Solar Powered Motor

Forget the wires – a solar panel can be mounted on the screen’s housing which converts the sun’s energy into electrical power. The harnessed electrical power is stored in a special Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery which powers your motorized screen. The result is a maintenance-free and environmentally friendly alternative to keep your electrical bill down.

Sun Sensor

This wireless sun sensor is powered with an integrated solar cell to automatically lower a screen based on the sun’s intensity.

The wireless and compact design makes it an easy addition to any screen that creates a comfortable space for you to enjoy any time.

Home Automation

Motorized screens powered by Somfy seamlessly integrate with home automation systems so that you can control lighting, HVAC, AV, and security systems with one device.

Control your motorized screen(s) with Somfy’s TaHomA – a Total Home Automation system. TaHomA allows users to control, schedule, and monitor a variety of products, and efficiently optimizes the interaction of natural and artificial lighting, as well as heating and cooling, according to users’ personal preferences, which saves time, energy, and money.

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