Motorized Patio Shades, Houston, TX

motorized retractable screen on Houston TX patioEnjoy your mornings and sunsets on your patio, deck, lanai, or veranda to the fullest without the hassle or worry of keeping out unwanted bugs. At the press of a button our motorized retractable screens smoothly and silently glides down into place transforming your outdoor living space into a fresh, ventilated pest-free environment. You and your family will completely enjoy all of the amenities of your home day or night, anytime you desire.


The motorized patio shades are custom manufactured to fit most standard and over-sized applications. We offer 7 standard colors designed to blend stylishly with the decor of your home and also have the ability to custom match colors. There are also a variety of meshes available that offer solar protection, privacy, and full ventilation. With a touch of a button the motorized screen is there when you need it, and gone when you don’t.


Screen Mesh Types

We offer a variety of screening and shading options to enhance your home’s unique features and suit your needs.


Houston TX Solar Screen Mesh

  • SuperScreen Insect Mesh: Reduces up to 35% of UV rays and is tear and puncture resistant.
  • Solar Screen Mesh: Blocks out 85-95% of the sun’s heat, glare, and UV rays.
  • Privacy Material: A complete block-out material that provides up to 100%blockage of UV rays. Ideal for home theater rooms.


26’ Wide Rainier Patio Screen with Center Support Bracket

Widest Motorized Retractable Screens in Houston and all of Texas

New Rainier Series 5 Square Hood Cover

Motorized Screen Applications

Screened Porches, Patios, and Balconies

Enjoy and convert this traditional living space from fixed screens to a non-traditional product. With our Houston motorized power screens you touch a button and instantly screen your porch or patio on demand.

Electric Power Porch Shades
Garage Door Screens - Houston TX

Garage Doors Screens

Turn your garage into yet another type of living space to work or hang out in. Simply bring your garage door up, watch as your power screen rolls down to screen the garage for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Seasonal Rooms

With our solid clear vinyl material, you can convert any space into a real four season room. Mostly commonly installed on homes, there is a fast growing use of this product for commercial applications.

Vinyl Porch & Patio Shades - Katy TX

Privacy Screen

We carry a complete slate of privacy screen materials for you to choose from . With our motorized privacy screens you can have privacy for that hot tub on the deck or an exposed room in the house.


Benefits Of Motorized Screens

Protection From Insects

This one is a given. but many people do not realize how important it is to protect yourself from insects. Mosquitos can carry numerous diseases. and flies are a nuisance when trying to entertain guests on your patio. With a retractable screen, you can keep the bugs out throughout the year, and enjoy more time relaxing in your outdoor living or dining space.

Weather Protection

No one can predict the weather, but you don’t have to when you have motorized screens. Use them to take refuge from chilly autumn winds. Lower them against winter conditions. Protect yourself against spring rain. You won’t sweat the scorching summer sun with these screens. Easily change them with the press of a button to follow the changing angle of the sun over the course of the day. If constantly adjusting their height frustrates you, consider motorized screens with sun sensors for automatic adjustment. The weather is no longer your enemy, thanks to Houston retractable motorized screens.

Energy Savings

Chances are your deck or patio is attached to several windows. With the motorized shade deployed, less sunlight will enter your home. meaning indoor temperatures stay more consistent. Plus. we can install screens over your windows, themselves, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

Complete Personalization

There isn’t a one-size-Fits-all solution when it comes to homes, so why should all the screens look the same? At Signature Shutters we pride ourselves on the level of customization we offer to our clients. Whether you want clear vinyl shades to create an additional room or a high privacy screen, we’ll work with your needs to create the perfect plan for success.

Top-Of-The-Line Automation

We want our power screens to be as enjoyable as possible for you. Aside from the easy push-button controls, you can adjust the settings on your solar screens to work completely on their own. Our sun sensors allow you to set the light percentage when the covers drop automatically. This means you can keep your interior temperatures cooler, even when you’re not home.

Options For Every Room

We don’t just screen in decks and patios. Whether you’re looking For a complete set of window screens, a door covering, or even a way to temporarily transform your garage into another room addition, we have you covered. Our team has the skills to make your dream come true.


View Our Houston Solar Screen System Options


Retractable solar shades on a cable system

Cable Solar Screen Systems

Our Cable Solar Screen Systems provide all the benefits of our motorized retractable patio shades but with a more minimalist design.

These solar screen systems are made with the same parts and quality as our motorized retractable screens, the primary difference is that cables are used along the sides instead of a side retention track system. Cable screen systems were created for situations where motorized patio shades do not work. As an example…. if your home has a big glass window wall, you’ll want a minimalist profile and it doesn’t get much more minimal than a thin stainless steel cable.

This low-profile solar screen creates shade, energy savings, and ventilation without disturbing the style and architecture of your home. The cable guide system preserves your outdoor view, allowing you to better control your interior lighting. This screen system is best used in conditions where only light winds are the norm. Enjoy a cool breeze without worrying about the damaging rays of the sun!



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