Cost of Houston Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters cost around $2,495 although that price can vary between $1,267 and $3,858 depending on their size and the material, whether or not they are custom, and who installs them. If you choose to DIY and order shutters online, you may need to account for shipping costs. If you have them professionally installed, your contractor may have access to pricing not available in the home improvement stores.

How much do plantation shutters cost?

Do-It-Yourself Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are something many homeowners can purchase and install themselves. How much they cost depends on size, material, and whether or not they are custom.

  • Faux wood shutters can cost $80-$200 depending on size and come in neutral colors, although they can be painted for a cost.
  • Natural wood is $90-$600 depending on size and can be stained as a DIY project or professionally for up to $125.
  • Additional tools include $4-$15 for hang strips and about $4 for mounting hardware. Locks or closures can cost up to $15.

Finally, if you order them online, you can expect to pay $30-$70 shipping per shutter or per set of shutters per window depending on the supplier. Keep in mind that even if you’re handy with tools, installing shutters can be time-consuming if you’ve never done it before. Also remember that many shutters bought from a store do not include decorative framing.

Cost of Installation

Costs for having plantation shutters installed by a contractor are a bit more predictable. Contractors who have installed plantation shutters before can quickly get accurate measurements and suggest which materials would work best in different rooms. For example, while natural wood may look beautiful in your living room, it might not be so practical in a bathroom where moisture will cause the wood to warp. The size, material, and quality of the shutter will have a significant effect on the cost. Contractors usually go through a shutter supplier and can get various sizes that are not normally available at home improvement stores. Here are some sample prices of the shutters most contractors use for standard-sized windows:

  • 16×20 — Faux wood $45, Real wood $55
  • 24×50 — Faux wood $150, Real wood $200
  • 36×54 — Faux wood $250, Real wood $320
  • 36×60 — Faux wood $300, Real wood $400
  • 42×48 — Faux wood $255, Real wood $330
  • 48×44 — Faux wood $270, Real wood $350

In general, Houston plantation shutters should cost you approximately $20 per square foot. Labor costs depend on factors such as the contractor’s workload, remoteness of the location, environment, and the contractor’s overhead. Get at least three estimates. They should all involve the contractor coming out and measuring your windows and getting the details of what you want. Labor generally runs about $100 per hour.

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